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We know how important finding the right car at the right price is for you. Don't go far, we are just in your neighborhood, committed to giving you the service, quality and attention you deserve.
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We know how important buying a car is for you so we make it our business to make you #1.


My car-buying experience at South Bay Car Dealer was the easiest ever! Their sales manager, contacted me immediately upon receiving my request. When I met with him, he did everything possible to find the exact car I was seeking. Everything about the process was transparent. He offered to have the car delivered to me, since it would be coming from another dealership. He was personable, accommodating and attentive throughout the entire process. Everyone I met there was the same! I would definitely use this dealership in the future.

Marinella Libis
Torrance CA

One of the perks for buying a new car here is that you get free car washes, the guys that wash the outside of your car do an excellent job, they do it quickly and while it's not a full service wash and wax it gets the dirt and grime off the outside of your car and makes it look clean and new again. We've had our new car for about a little over a month and have had 4 or 5 car washes, during this time I've seen one other person tip the car wash guys. Show a little appreciation people they work hard and a couple of bucks for a tip for these hard working guys shows your appreciation and is less than you would spend at the do it yourself car washes.

Lorenzo Guinoo
Los Angeles, CA

We came it to look for a great car for our 16 year old daughter. Being her first car, we had things we wanted and our daughter had her own preferences. The sales team at South Bay Car Dealer listened to both our requests and found the perfect car both our daughter an us can be happy with. We left the car lot with big smiles and our daughter is happy to drive in her new ride. Thanks guys.

Emma Floydin
Palos Verdes, CA

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